The True Story of Parsifal the SteamPig: See Parsifal’s Story

Rhino Lining Application: SteamPig Experiment QMC application of Rhino Lining to superstructure and other parts on Tuesday 08.31.10. 90+ degrees that day. the product sprays on at 160 degrees and dries in less than 2 minutes. very resilient material that bonds all parts together and supports the structural integrity of the lifting points of the main beam.

Superstructure: building components for the ‘shoulders’ and ‘hips’ of the pig. these pieces are the points for lifting and resting the main spine and ribcage of the beast onto the four stanchions that will hold ‘Parsifal’ in place at the B.O.B.

Timelapse: Big Wheel: Apologies to ‘the band’ for the rip, it just seemed to fit!


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